Ina Damyanova

Costume designer

I’m Ina Damianova, costume designer of ‘The Savior’. I have graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia with a specialty in Textile Design. Movie industry has always been very attractive to me and after working for a few years for large international fabrics and clothes manufacturers I made my way to the movies. In my early years I had the chance to work and learn from some of the best Italian costume designers, which made a deep impact on my professional development. The harmony and the balance of the lines, the elegance and the attention to details are nothing but leading for the Italian maestros and I’m striving to keep them in every new project.

Working with Robert and the whole crew at ‘The Savior’ was an extraordinary experience with lots of unforgettable moments. The attempt to recreate in a new and different way this Bible story was a real challenge in which I believe we succeeded together. I’m happy I was part of it!