Adnan Tarboush

Whenever Jesus’ disciples are listed, Peter’s name is first as the spokesperson and front man for the group. He, James, and John formed the inner circle of Jesus’ closest companions. These three were afforded the unique privilege of experiencing extraordinary personal revelations by Jesus.
Peter was a man most of us can identify with. One minute he’s exhibiting huge faith, and the next he’s overwhelmed with doubts. He’s emotional and impulsive and will always be remembered for denying Jesus thrice before the cock crowed. In spite of, or because of his tumultuous personality he was dearly loved by Jesus and surely was the leader of the twelve.
He became a leader in the early church and boldly served and spoke about his risen Savior. He was sentenced to death by crucifixion in Rome and was granted his last request, that he be crucified upside down as he was not worthy to die as his Savior had died.